April 10th, 2005  

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Can a technological advanced manufacturing equipments and facility improve shooting statistics of Russian made rifles, like accuracy of AK 47 and Sharp Shooter Rife Dragnov?
April 10th, 2005  
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I can't comment on the Sharp Shooter Rife Dragnov, but as for the AK-47 it would take a whole redesign of the bolt. That huge bolt snaps back so hard it causes the entire gun barrel to flex thus reducing accuracy significantly. Assault rifles are a marriage of the submachinegun and the rifle. The AK-47 leans much more heavily towards the submachinegun than the rifle.
April 10th, 2005  
Even with a very cutting-edge factory, you're still dealing with a gun that's over 50 years old, though you could make it somewhat more accurate that way. It would be like using the latest technology to imporve the capabilities of those room spanning computers back in 1950. There would be no point, though a new design with the latest technology would be interesting.
April 12th, 2005  
Some of the commercially available AK's are much more accurate than the milsurp guns.
The AK74 is a completely different story and is more accurate than most ak47's.
With modern manufacturing techniques, you can get the AK47 more accurate, but reliablity will suffer - the AK is inaccurate because of the loose tolerances inside it - if you tighten these tolerances, it will be more accurate, but dirt and grime will clog it up faster.
My opinion?

Buy a whole bunch of 80% AR15 receivers and start drillin'.
April 29th, 2005  
Yeah, look at civilian manufacturers such as Vepr and Atlantic Firearms. Those shoot a lot better that old military AK's. I also agree that the majority of it has to do with tolerances.
April 29th, 2005  
The AK74 is a completely different creature. Take a look at them. It may be possible to design a receiver made from Carbon Fibre or some other composite. It will be tricky, but more accurate than a 47.
April 30th, 2005  
The Swiss Sig 550 / PE 90 series is in fact using an AK bolt system with some slight changes and it is the most accurate assault rifle in the world (my view).

Finally it should not be forgotten that the cartridge and its components also make quite some of the precision. So a modified, precise manufactured AK in a probably new caliber and quality cartridges may bear some potencial.
May 9th, 2005  
One way you can make it more accurate with a longer barrel, but it would be more cumbersome that way.
May 12th, 2005  

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longer barrel = cumbersome, it would be neat though to have that gun shoot a little better. Allthough it is a pretty sturdy weapon, you could almost dip that sucker in a mud puddle take it out and shoot the crap out of some one and it would work... but the m-16 on the other hand, dip that thing in mud and you would have to spend quite a while cleaning it before any bullets come flyin out of that barre.
May 12th, 2005  
Improving the accuracy of AK-47 has everything to do with manufacturing tolerances, longer barrel wouldn't nessesarily help not if using the original 7.62x39mm round, it has so loopy trajectory that longer barrel would not be so beneficial, that's my opinion.
However if a caliber such as 5.56mm nato is used the longer barrel would indeed be factor in improving the accuracy, still those tolerances would have to tighter and material quality good.
I dunno about 7.62x51, how's that for AK's, I've seen couple of Valmet M76's chambered for that but that's all.