October 24th, 2004  

Topic: Query

For ROTC, as some of you may know, our first promotion was based soley on how we shined our shoes. Many of the NS-2s (some my friends) complaiend that they had to learn 11 General Orders and that spitshining was easier. So I was wondering whether I should take the time to memorize the 11 General Orders as it may a.) impress the NS-2s, b.)show that no matter how hard the task was, I would've done it, c.)know them incase any of our other promotions are based on them.

I have to also memorize the Gettysburg Address for US History and a few poems for Language Arts Literacy. So, memorizing the 11 General Orders would defnitely interfere with my time. Is it worth my time to memorize them?

Yay, or nay!
October 28th, 2004  
I'm pretty sure that eventually, the General Orders will come into the picture, so I would go ahead and do my best to at least get a really good idea of them.

Time... I swear, I think it runs away in high school. I'm facing some of the same problems. Good Luck!