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February 13th, 2006  
neagtive, no missing letters on this one. i think it would take a Marine to know this one
February 13th, 2006  
Originally Posted by MilidarUSMC
Bravo Foxtrot, i dont think many will know what that is
Bravo Foxtrot = Buddy F*cker. Also heard "Blue Falcon" used a time or two.

Everybody knows the Bravo Foxtrot, there's one in every unit!

Anyone mentioned Charlie Foxtrot, yet?
June 8th, 2006  
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Ahhhhhhh, okay re: bravo foxtrot. I was thinking bravo foxtrot delta = big f***ing deal!
June 11th, 2006  
"Charlie Foxtrot" is right up there with "Golf Foxtrot"