Prince Harry "will not quit"

April 27th, 2007  

Topic: Prince Harry "will not quit"

Friends of Prince Harry have denied reports that he will quit the Army if he is not allowed to serve in Iraq.

But they admitted he would be "very disappointed" to miss out, the BBC's royal correspondent has been told.

The Ministry of Defence is reviewing Harry's deployment after 11 UK troops were killed this month, one of the bloodiest since the conflict began.

Prince Harry is serving as a troop commander of a reconnaissance squadron in the Blues and Royals regiment.
April 27th, 2007  
Team Infidel
interesting... let him to go Iraq.
April 27th, 2007  
Sorry but I laughed. "**** this! I quit the Army!"
April 27th, 2007  
If Prince Andrew went to the Falklands when 2nd in line to the throne can't see why the current #3 can't go?
April 28th, 2007  
I think there are several differences between Harry and Andrew's situation.

For one thing, the Argentinians couldn't target Andrew personally, and had he been killed or captured, it probably would not have had many political consequences.

I can envisage a couple of Harry-related scenarios which could have serious knock-on effects. One if he was killed by an Iranian supplied shaped charge, another if he was captured (and tortured and beheaded) and video went on the Internet. The politicians would not be able to stop the military and public uniting to open up the proverbial can of, well, you know, should this happen. Still, these outcomes are by the by.

To my mind, if he is not sent because he has other duties to attend to, well, I can respect that. But if he is not sent because of "fears for his safety" or "unforseen consequences", well, I would lose all respect for our military. Going to unsafe places where anything can happen is what soldiers are for, and Harry is a soldier in a proud regiment: not to be sent for these latter reasons would dishonour him and them.
April 28th, 2007  
If he wants to go they should let him do so, besides the enemy will not recongise him with the gear he has on so let the brat go.
April 28th, 2007  
major liability
More leaders should see combat before they serve as politicians.

I don't know if this Prince is in line to get any other royal titles, but he should be able to go to Iraq anyways.
April 29th, 2007  
Let him go.
The training they have had is good, the troops around him are experienced, there should be no problem.
April 29th, 2007  
He'd be carrying on a tradition of British Royalty at war. If he is targeted or not, that is of no consequence. It sends one hell of a message that a British Prince is willing to put his life on the line to fight the insurgency, and I personally think that is more important than fears of the unforseen.
April 29th, 2007  
good for him

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