Is it Possible?

November 15th, 2004  

Topic: Is it Possible?

I leave for Basic on 20041129. (Exactly 2 weeks)

Pullups & situps is no problem.

The running however is a disaster.
My IST had a 14 min 32 sec. (Entry is 13 min. 30 sec) <--- for 1.5 miles

Basically, I have to cut my entire time by more than a min.

Think its possible? Or am i screwed?

Tips & reccomendations are greatly accepted.
November 15th, 2004  
Yes it is possible. You have to work at it. If you are running at a comfortable pace now you need to kick it up.
November 15th, 2004  

Topic: Re: Is it Possible?

Originally Posted by drunkentyger
The running however is a disaster.
My IST had a 14 min 32 sec. (Entry is 13 min. 30 sec)
How far do you have to run??
November 15th, 2004  
If i need to shave time off quickly then what I do is lots and lots of sprinting

It improves you stamina and power...and also imporves your breathing and heart rate

so...depending on how far you need to run....13 mins I'd say about 3 miles...I would do a lap jogging round a 400m track...then 1 lap lap jogging....1 lap etc

It really helps me but different people prefer different methods...
November 15th, 2004  
14 min & 32 sec. for 1.5 miles.

horrible isnt it.

im screwed right.
November 15th, 2004  
Train your ass off, and you can get it.
November 16th, 2004  
Keep runnin, just push yourself more. If you run 1.5 comfortably try harder. Do some sprints in there, run part way sprint and run again. You need to be in the 18 min for 3 mile mark.
November 16th, 2004  
Work on your hip flexors (Australian throw-downs, flutter kicks, and the leg press will help some, too), they're usually the muscle that tires first when you run. If it's purely an endurance issue, just run your ass off. With only two weeks to go, you don't have time to mess around.
November 16th, 2004  
"Run Forest, Run", literally. It's all you can do to get fit now. Run as much as you can, everyday. If you push yourself daily you will get there. And stop smoking/drinking if you do, at least until you get in.
November 16th, 2004  
nothing is impossible.
you can do it!!! just get out thier and practice. dont over do it tho, we dont want you to hurt yourself.

out of curiosity, what are the number of stuff you have to do:
the stuff for the ADF PFA (personal fitness assesment) is:
push ups - 15
sit ups - 45
shuttle run - 7.5

which really, isn't that much at all