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September 27th, 2005  
but using a nylon will strip the boot of polish. at least that is what my brother and my flight commander said.
September 27th, 2005  
no it won't Lt Melton has been doing that for 3 years, and he is still getting 5s on his boots, same pair
October 21st, 2005  
i go to a military school and the wont allow us to use parade wax or instant shine becuz it cracks the leather. the shine is also dependant on what kind of boots you have, i have the new bates and it has the non-shine leather the i have my cocoron jumo boot that are 100% patton leather and using just saddle soap to clean them and regular black polish and if you know how to burn shine it give your cocorons a mirror finish like coreframes
October 21st, 2005  
They dont let us use instant shine polish, but we all use parade gloss, the leather hasn't cracked yet
November 19th, 2005  
L-Cpl Archer

Topic: SHINE

all i do is the following
  • 1. apply thin layer of KIWI parade gloss
    2. with SOAKED cotton wool go round it little circles over polish until shiny
    3. carry on with 1 and 2 until the shine is amazing

it works evrytime and is hard to get wrong and it stays shiny for a long time

November 30th, 2005  
With brand new shoes or boots (especially new RAF shoes cos theyre crap)
1. Break them in first otherwise you will do all this hard work then the first time you wear them they will crack like crazy!!
2. get a sander and get rid of all polish on boots/shoes and i mean all of it
3. get beeswax and melt it into the leather
4. black kiwi polish rub lots of it on with your finger just keep piling it on their once shoe/boot is covered dont put anymore on but keep rubbing it in until it goes tacky. Thats your base
5. Now with a rag, bulling cloth, duster, or just cotton wool balls slightly damp, apply a thin layer of black kiwi then with a seperate rag, etc soaked in water draw circles!
6. repeat 5
7. repeat 5
8. repeat 5
9. repeat 5
10. put a very thin layer of Brown kiwi on in the same method as you do for the black just thinner
11. repeat steps 5-10 over and over again
This will give you outstanding shine also if they are parade shoes that are worn once in a while get a pair of tights of the girls and store them inside the tights it will stop dust from getting to them, then when you need to wear them take em out wipe over and wear!!

Remember step one is the most important step!!!!!!!!
December 1st, 2005  
Navy Boy
Im a pro of polishing shoes in my NJROTC class everybody called me the shoe cadet because everybody always wants me to shine their shoes well geuss what I charged everybody who wanted me to polish their shoes $5 for one par of shoes for arebig annula JROTC inspection ,but sence everybody here on the military forums are all good to me Ill share my shoe polishing secret
with everybody here on the military forums for FREE that's right FREE no money nothing just FREE! (By the way I have not yet tryed this process on boots or on coreafamed shoes only try this process on your uniforum inspection shoes only)!
Well lets begen the process shall we? O.k.The things you need to make shine shoes with out useing corafames is you get 1 can of kiwi shoe polish
some alcohol no not the stuff you drink when watching a foot ball game on tv I am meanig the alcohol you get to put on your cut ,sraps ect
well any way you get 1 bottle of that stuff remember to get the clear bottle stuff not the brown bottle stuff,now you need to get shaving cream
to brake the shoes down that is if your a new cadet in JROTC,I don't think it matters on what kind of brand of shaving cream you get at the store. And finnally you need to get cotten balls at the store and no it does not matter on what kind of brand of cotten balls you get at the store.
Alright you are ready to make shiney shoes! The first thing you need to do is get the front of your shoe wet then you put the shaving cream on the front of the where I told you to get the shoe wet at, now after you have done that you rub in the shaving cream for a min.Then you get an old Tshirt that you don't wear no more and make sure it's not too dirty or that will up your shoes anyway after you find an old Tshirt all you have to do is rub in circular motion with that old Tshirt all over everywhere you have shaving cream on your shoe,and then dry the shoes off with the same old Tshirt,and do the samething with the other shoe. Now if your a new person in the ROTC program and you just got your shoes brand new form the supply officer in your group,some times you need to go thew this process more then once depending on how hard you rub in that shaving cream. Now you have completed part one of the shniey shoe porcess onward to part 2 of shiney shoes! After doing part one you now open the top of the kiwi shoe polish and put and fill it up with water then you get out the alcohol and pour it into the cap of the alcohol bottle and then pour it into the kiwi shoe polish can top then you get one of the cotten balls and put it into the alcohol water make sure that the cotten ball is all wet with alcohol water all over it. Then you rub that cotten ball all over the shoe so it can get all that dirt and stuff out of their. Then after you do that do not dry the shoes PLEASE! Yall mess them up if you do that.
Then get a fresh cotten ball from the bag and Then get some of that kiwi shoe poilsh on the cotten ball and rub it in circular motion all around the front of the shoe after that you get some of that alcohol water and put in over where ever their is shoe polish at on that shoe tell it get's shiney if this don't work the first time do it again it will work just give it some time then after that you dry them with a fresh cotten ball and that's it you have done it you should now have shiney shoes! If you have any questions fill free to PM me anytime! 8)
January 2nd, 2006  
Seriously? Polishing takes about 30 seconds if you get them past standard and take care of them. Last year during the Exam rush I didn't take polish to mine for almost 2 months and they were still above standard. the bast way to polish id regular Kiwi (not parade gloss), water, and time. As long as you dont use too much polish at a time you should be fine . Oh, and when I come home from a parade I make sure I dust them off with a Kiwi cloth and cover them. That really helps to keep them shiny!
January 3rd, 2006  
Hey BTW, Wad is Beeswax? I heard the Guards outside the Buckingham Palace use it to polisch their boots until they can use their boots as a mirror! Any info?
January 23rd, 2006  
I sometimes do burn shining, but most of the time i use a normal polish method. Our Lt. Col. doesn't really care, but we all have diff. uniforms.. LE1's wear regular jungle camo and black combat boots. But LE2's and up were jungle digital and dessert storm boots