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November 4th, 2004  
rotc boy
That made no sense Joe, in the future say just kidding so we arent left wondering wat ur talking about?
November 4th, 2004  
Originally Posted by rotc boy
That made no sense Joe, in the future say just kidding so we arent left wondering wat ur talking about?
Seriously dude... I was like, what kind of wall-to-wall training is this kid gonna need?

November 5th, 2004  
November 11th, 2004  
lukewarm water and gob of polish...I use two kiwi cloths, one to get rid of all the dirt and dust, then I take a toothbrush with polish on it and go around all the catwalks. Then I wrap the clean kiwi cloth around my finger, dip in water, a touch of polish and go at it. Not really polishing but the eyes on the boots Canadian cadets get issued usually lose the enamel coating that gets put on them at the factory, quick fix=black permanent marker. It works charms..

Funny story that's kinda seperate...one kid I went to basic with used that liquid polish and his boots weren't the best but they looked decent, anyway. Graduation parade comes around and all the polish on the toe of his boot comes off as a shell. Everyone except him had a good laugh...
June 26th, 2005  
not burn your shoes, put windex or any of that gloss of extra spray or shiny crap on it. It give the shoe a good shine for alittle while, but it wears down the boot and and ruins it.

first get a rough rag, polish i use kiwi, and some water if u don't know how to spit. this is not a spit shine!!this is how u get that mirror look in your shoes. most people like the toe mirror shine, the shine thats at the top of the boot and the rest of the boot is just polished.

The method I am going to be describing will use the following implements:

Your finger
Kiwi Shoe Polish (Black) - must be Kiwi (its the best). If you want to use Kiwi Parade Gloss, then be warned that it contains paraffin which will have a detrimental effect on the quality of shine you achieve. I would suggest you use the good old, standard black Kiwi polish.
A duster or soft rag
The shoe or boot you wish to polish
Some water in a bowl if you are a wussy (more on that later)

make sure there is no durt,dust or anything in that nature on the boot. to get the mirror effect, we are talking about LAYERS of polish and LONG periods of time polishing.When you start you need to apply think layers, once you have enough layers the surface will be shining and very polished, but your not done yet. you must rub the polish in little TINY circles on the boot. you will get circle marks on there for the first couple of coats but thats normal. it will feel rough,do not press hard on the boot.use the water at this time to get it soft, if you use spit don't directly put it on the boot for it will ruin it. the more scuffs and scratches the more layers of polish u will have to use.A good indication of when enough is enough is when the surface of the toe cap is smooth: there are no scratches, potholes or anything else to be seen apart from a smooth surface. YOU WONDER HOW LONG IT TAKES? the answer is: it all depends on the shape of the boots.

to get form the smooth look to the mirror look or glass look, reduce the amount of polish you use on each layer. as you move on keep reducing the amount of polish, this will start up that mirror look.keep going with this process until you are down to a stop of polish.

once done you should literally see your own reflection in your toe, or where ever you wanted the mirror look to me. ANY QUESTIONS??
June 26th, 2005  
Here's how my pledge class did it when pledging for Pershing Rifles.

First when you're issued the boots you get rubbing alcohol and use it to completely strip all of the factory polish off the boots. The factory polish is dull and will help to prevent a good whine. Once you've successfully removed that then we liberally applied polish to the boot with a cloth or cottonball.

Next we used a heat gun to melp the applied polish onto the boot forming a solid layer over it. Then for the next several hours using cottonballs, water, and polish you make small circles over the entire boot surface. Concentrating primarily on the toe and heel. The rest of the boot isn't supposed to be as shiny but should still be shiny by the time you're finished.

When you're done you should be able to clearly make out color and your face, if you can't you did it wrong.

You only need to do that once. The next time you I use a horse hair brush to get rid of any dirt and other debris on the boot. Then using cotton balls or a cut up plain white round neck T-Shirt you repolish using water and polish in conjunction with small circles.
June 27th, 2005  
but be careful with the alcohol because it can ruin the boot if you us too much...so be careful, the amount should be so small that you shouldn't be able to feel it on your fingers. If it shows up on the boot in big water forms, don't press down, simply get a dry rag,cottonball, T-shirt,ect and slowly remove it off the boot.
June 27th, 2005  
Does Army JROTC get ACUs any time soon, or do you have to wait till they're fully fielded? Because that'll make it a lot easier for cleaning your boots.
June 27th, 2005  
In our case we stripped the boot down to the base leather, which requires a good deal more alcohol then that. As stated, you should only have to do this once when the boot is new. The purpose is to remove the factory polish which will impede a good shine.

When you strip the factory polish you literally do it until the cloth you're using stops getting blacker meaning all of the factory polish has been removed.
September 26th, 2005  
Here is how my Lt told me to do it.
1-- clean off your boot
2-- apply polish to the boot, mainly to the toe
3-- using your shoe brush, brush it back and forth quickly over the toe of the boot until you have a light shine
4-- using a nylon, rub back and forth quickly over the toe of your boot, this will create a very nice shine to your boot. Using this method has gotten me 5 on every inspection