Pocket Battleship Graf Spee pictures

March 20th, 2007  

Topic: Pocket Battleship Graf Spee pictures

Missileer's recent post with the pictures from Pearl Harbor reminded me of some old pictures I have.


A friend of my family, who was a Navy veteran, willed all of his navy memorabilia to me when he died. He joined the navy in the '30's and served on the USS Louisville during the Neutrality Patrols. What surprised me were the pictures of the Graf Spee that I found. Some are small, wallet size photos, and others are postcard size. My theory is that his ship was in the area during the Battle of the River Plate, and the pictures were bought as souveniers during a port call in the area, but I really don't know. Some of the pictures are pretty well-known, but some, like the funeral pictures for the crew of the Spee, I've never seen before.

Here's the story of the battle for those who need a quick history lesson: