Please read before you post any Videos or Pictures

September 16th, 2005  

Topic: Please read before you post any Videos or Pictures

Military Videos and Pictures forum.

Welcome to the newest addition to the forums.

We have a lot of different military videos and pictures related threads "floating" around in the forum, so I thought it could be a good idea to collect them all in one place now.

Just a friendly reminder:
The forum rules still applies in here.
So please do not post images (or links to images/movies) of extreme graphic nature (murders/death or similar) unless they have been pre-approved by one of the forum staff.
If you are in doubt about the image/movie, then please PM one of the forum staff first.

If you link directly to images then please do not add pictures in your posts that are not located on your server(s) or servers you are allowed to use.
Images from official sources are ok ( etc.), as long as you add a link/source to that site.
If you want to use images from other sources then please link to them only, bandwidth theft is not a nice thing!

Uploading copyrighted images without the owner/creators permission is not allowed!

Please perform a search prior to starting new threads, it's possible that we already have a picture thread in here similar to the one your planing to start.

You can upload images from your own computer to free image hosts like: and

How to show images in your posts:

How to upload (attach) images to your posts:

Youtube Videos:

And one last thing:
Please do not post a "ton" of large images in your threads.
It will make the threads (almost) impossible to view for visitors/members who are using a dial-up connection.
Link directly to the large images instead.

Other suggestions/comments are (as always) most welcome.
January 26th, 2006  
A couple of additional rules for the use of pictures:

In order to comply with official regulations on images and OPSEC/PERSEC we have to tighten the rules on image posting a bit.

Pictures from official (military) sites are ok for now, since I asume that they have been cleared for public use.

Pictures of military personell can not contain:
1. Clearly visible faces (possible to easily identify the person(s))
2. Readable name tags, unit tags etc.
3. Other items that can help to identify the person(s) on the picture

You'll have to manually remove ("censor") images that do not follow those rules if you wish to display them in the forum.

A few threads have been temporary removed from the pictures forum, but they will be moved back again after we've cleared them.

Sorry for the (possible) inconvenience, but OPSEC/PERSEC always comes first.