Please for advice.

June 14th, 2014  

Topic: Please for advice.

Hello everyone,

I'm apologies if I repeat some of the past subjects in the forum,but I need advice and direction regarding some questions. As information about me,I'm from Bulgaria and I'm 24 years old. All my life I train,and the past few years I'm a physical trainer.Now I work in Abu Dhabi(UAE) as a trainer and Assistant Manager.

From many years(to be correct seems I was 16) I wish to take this steps,but because some family issues I didn't .Maybe now came my time to try it,just I hope it's will not be to late or impossible.

My questions,regarding all the above information is:

-What do I need exactly to join the US military?

-What is the chance for that from my position?

-There is any chance with other kind Visa,except a Green Card(because for it will take a long time,maybe a years)

P.S I'm really sorry,if I became annoying with repeats questions,just I was reading to much sites and information, and for some details I just got lost..

Thank you all of you and God bless.

Best regards,

June 15th, 2014  
Hi Katerina,

I'm not qualified to answer these questions, but there are a few members here who are, and they should be able to help you.

btw..You'll probably get a faster response if you introduce yourself in the Welcoming Center.

Good luck!
June 15th, 2014  

Topic: thank you

Thank you Sarah. I appreciate your feedback, give me a hope.
I will introduce right now.

Thank you again and God luck to you as well!