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Plays written by the shooter at Vtech
April 19th, 2007  
Plays written by the shooter at Vtech
You are an idiot for comparing that sub par high school (I know he was in college) work to a Stephen King book, Rob Zombie, or Saw movie...

That is clearly a disturbed person writing that...Not only to mention you tie those into his odd behavior and his suicidal thoughts and you have a clear case of mental issues...
April 20th, 2007  

Topic: Basis?

Since BD is a trained teacher and he tells you/us that they are trained to pick up warning signals in their classroom.
On what grounds do you tell him that is inaccurate?
Are you a trained teacher?
Have you been trained at the same place BD has?
Have you seen the curriculum of his training?

As I KNOW BD is a teacher, and he tells me they are trained to pick up the warning signs before something like this happens then someone snoozed on post.
I like the idea that atleast SOME teachers today still concider it their DUTY to protect the kids they are teaching.
I don´t only mean from physical harm but for the sake of this argument lets stick to that part.

IMO a teacher should be the one taking charge when trouble arise.
They are there FOR the kids they are teaching, with that comes an awesome responsibility that shouldn´t be taken lightly.
ALL teachers however do not have the possabilities and/or the physical fitness to be the one to take charge.
I realize that and that is why I am FOR CCW by officials at campus.
I am however NOT for CCW by students but that is another can of worms.

My point is, this tragedy could have been ended/prevented:

1: By teachers not ignoring the warning signs/Having the balls to act on them.
2: By CCW on officials at the school.

The reports say he had been expelled from class on several occations, why no follow up?
Too much went wrong on this occation for the questions not to be answered IMHO.

Teaching a skillset to people carry with it an awesome responsibility.
Have that responsibility been met?

April 21st, 2007  
And in case you thought BD was full of it have a read at this...
Plays written by the shooter at Vtech
April 21st, 2007  
i think i might have a place here...i spent a good 2 years on the brink of suicide
and i can honestly say that my poetry was a warning sign and cry for help
finaly someone looked at the open page in my binder, read one of the poems, told a teacher, and i was put in consoling for 6 helped me out of my crises when i was dead set on acting

granted, i can still write on the disturbed side and it is meaningless...but its not exactly as profound as it used to be more of 'saddness/slightly depressed' when it used to be 'im going to kill myself/i hate the world'

so yes...writing is a big warning sign
April 22nd, 2007  
I hate being right about this **** all the time. The parents and his former teachers need to be drawn and quartered. The parents' negligence is directly responsible for the deaths of those VT students. I called it on the autism at work, he's classic and the fact his teachers didn't address it in 15 years of school is deplorable and negligent. The fact his family had been told he was autistic and they did nothing is criminal, its abuse.
Dereliction of duty is what we'd call it in the military. Its a shame our society is too weak to actually do the right thing and hold people accountable and to allow teachers to teach these kids how to be responsible instead of enabling them to constantly be victims in a myriad of ways.

Grimlin, curious, did you ever thank that teacher?
April 22nd, 2007  
This world is a ****ed up place....

April 22nd, 2007  
major liability
How are you supposed to read someone's poems unless they accidentally leave them out for you, or make them public? I've known a lot of messed up kids in my life and none of them ever acted on their hatreds or sorrows.

Also, I fail to see how you can blame the parents. It's not like they have a huge amount of influence on kids these days. Some people are born crazies.

As with terrorism, the balance is between security and freedom. I prefer to err on the side of freedom - every time. I live in the middle of nowhere.
April 22nd, 2007  
His works were not of a normal sick and twisted manor...

Devil's Rejects while sick and twisted is very entertaining...his works where not...

You can blame the parents because it is their responsibility to insure their offspring are taken care of, I thank my parents for helping me turn out the way I have.
April 22nd, 2007  
The parents were told that their son was autistic and they DID NOTHING.

The parents saw him savagely beat his older sister and they DID NOTHING.

They have direct culpability in their son's actions at VT. His teachers, primary, middle school, secondary and the professors at VT bear it as well.

Its called responsibility. Being a parent and being a teacher carry with it very heavy responsibility. If you can't or won't live up to it then you should NOT have children and you should NOT be a teacher. Full ****ing stop.
April 22nd, 2007  
Originally Posted by major liability
How are you supposed to read someone's poems unless they accidentally leave them out for you, or make them public?
i had just written one, and i went up to talk to one of my friends, and the person next to me saw it open and read it

"Grimlin, curious, did you ever thank that teacher?"

yes i did, he was one of the few teachers i have grown to respect, he took his job seriously...and he also taught us life lessons
he was a teacher, not an educator...there is a big difference

and as far as parents go, they do have a big influence...i had some major issues with my mother...who i have since removed from my life