Plane crash kills 150 people in French Alps; Europe in shock - Page 2

March 26th, 2015  
The news says that the co-pilot flew the aeroplane into the ground committing suicide.
March 26th, 2015  
I would be interested how a black BOX could tell them what happen then I remembered the voice recorder .
March 27th, 2015  
Both the cockpit Voice recorder and Flight Data box (Commonly called the CVR and Black Box). Are both designed to work in conjunction with one another..

The Flight Data Recorder records an aircraft's mechanical attributes during a flight, such as fuel levels, elevator positions ect.

A CVR records cockpit audio. A common investigation technique in a crash is to compare what the crew is saying while watching the Flight Data of what condition the aircraft is doing and how the crew is handling it.

Both are very important, for instance if the crew is fighting to save the aircraft and don't know what is happening, that factor could be found on the Data Recorder.

Or in finding out if this a case pilot suicide, compare the data of the Data Recorder with what's on the CVR, if the CVR has audio in the case of words and phrases indicating a deliberate foundering of the aircraft, or sounds of intrusion, compare it with what's on the Data Recorder, if the Data Recorder shows pilot inputs in a manner that would seem deliberate to crash the aircraft then you may have your smoking gun.

Opening, examining , and releasing this data is very heavily regulated in most countries, here being no different, it maybe weeks before full details are released by the authorities as there is a lot of red tape involved.

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