The Philippines: Americas First Vietnam and Iraq - Page 2

December 20th, 2006  
The United States did not destroy Germany because that nation was presumed to be the next battlefield against Stalin's aggression. Likewise, Japan was rebuilt against Mau's aggression. Viet Nam was a miss-handled mix of too many politicians playing at being generals and too many generals playing politics. Iraq is a mistake only in that we never expected the enemy to not only fold as quickly as it did, but that the country would become a magnet for tangos. In this respect, the war in Iraq is a good thing, as it provides a focal-point by which the enemies of the US/West are drawn out into the open. It may very well turn out to be another "Tet", which will give the anti-war nits their ammunition, but remember that "Tet" virtually destroyed the Viet Cong. Just my oppinion...I'm probably wrong.