Patrol & Anti-Submarine Warfare Ship (MILGEM) Project

September 9th, 2007  

Topic: Patrol & Anti-Submarine Warfare Ship (MILGEM) Project

Objective : Local design and construction of Patrol and Anti-Submarine Warfare Ship (MILGEM) by Turkish Navy at Istanbul Naval Shipyard in Pendik with maximum Turkish content.

Scope : Patrol and Anti-Submarine Warfare Ship that meet the requirements of Turkish Naval Forces Command's will be constructed at INSY with local design. Prototype ship will be constructed at Istanbul Naval Shipyard (INSY), other ships will be constructed at either INSY or local private shipyards.

Project Model : Local Development (Form, Design, Classification, Combat-Electronic Systems)
R&D (Underwater, RCS/IR/EMI and Fire Control Systems for 76mm.Gun)
Direct Procurement (Main Propulsion System)

Status : According to the project model, ship will be designed and constructed by Istanbul Naval Shipyard (INSY).
All systems, sub-systems, materials and services required for completion of this project will be provided by Undersecretariat For Defense Industries (SSM) by taking the national capabilities into consideration.
September 9th, 2007  
A Can of Man
September 9th, 2007  
Too small, looks more like a frigate
October 21st, 2007  
Ha - that picture has been floating around the web for a good 9 years that I can remember! It's a destoyer if I remeber right - frigates are a thing of the past... The current burkes carry a compliment the size of a perry class and I wouldn't doubt the length being similar as well...
July 23rd, 2008  
It's Turkey's first indigenous dedicated anti-submarine corvette but carries guided missiles and can engage surface combattants as well. They use stealth tech too. The first one is scheduled to be put on the water in September. They have 12 on order.

Pretty sweet, if you ask me.

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