Paths of Glory

March 29th, 2006  
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Topic: Paths of Glory

Anyone seen this movie? I watched it last weekend and I felt it definately showed the futile effort of World War I. It takes place on the French line with 2 generals planning for an attack on an elevated German position. One of the Generals talks to the Brigade commander and tells him "you'll lose 5% in our own bombardment, 10% reaching the wire, another 25% in no man's land and 20% assualting the Germany. That gives you about half you men to hold out until reinforcements arrive." Lets just say the BDE CMDR was not happy aboutt hat fact. Well, the attack fails with massive casualties. A few units do not even leave their own trenches. The Generals are furious and want to shoot 100 men for cowardice infornt of the enemy. It is agreed that 3 men from different companies are to be put on trial. 1 guy is selected by drawing lots, one guy is selected for not being french and the last for not being in favor with an officer. The outcome of the trial was over before it began.

The movie has it's drawbacks but for being made in 1957 it rocks. This theme goes along with a recent thread where a few hundred French solders who were executed in WWI for cowardice were pardoned. This movie shows why. More on this movie below
March 29th, 2006  
I've seen it. My history teacher in high school had us watch it during the week we spent on WWI. It is an incredible piece illustrative of the conditions of WWI. Don't know how accurate it is as I have never talked with a veteran of the war but it does appear accurate based on various histories I have read.