Patch Collecting?

January 23rd, 2006  

Topic: Patch Collecting?

Does anyone where collect or trade patches. Military, Law Enforcement, Medical, or Firefighter.

If any of you guys do, I would like to see what it is. I'm going to start posting pictures of what I have.
January 24th, 2006  
My pop was a patches collection. He got like 50 patches from WW2 including german army's patches
January 24th, 2006  
January 24th, 2006  
I do collect them, I will get some pictures posted.
January 24th, 2006  
Don't really collect them per se, but I do have a flight jacket somewhere done up as if it were from a member of the US Navy's Jolly Rogers fighter squadron, when they were still VF-84 aboard the USS Nimitz (as opposed to being VF-103 now).
January 24th, 2006  
Most of my patches are from local law enforcement departments. I also have some military patches but my main hobbie is getting LEO and Firefighter patches.

I'll post pictures this coming weekend.
January 25th, 2006  
I am starting a collection.
I dont know if they are real old ones or replicas.
I got a few, and I hope to post theor pics as soon as possible.
And i am looking foreward to see yours if possible that is .
January 26th, 2006  
I have some patches that supposebly were Billy Bishops
January 26th, 2006  
These are all the patches in my collection right now. I'm explain them by starting from the top and working left to right per row.

Generic patches are those used by multiple departments.

Florida International University Police, South Miami Police (Old), Opa-Locka Police

Florida International University Parking Detail, South Miami (Current), Miramar Police

Hialeah Police (Standard), Hialeah SWAT (Pattern 1), Hialeah SWAT (Pattern 2)

Hialeah SWAT Small (Pattern 3), Hialeah Police Polo Shirt (Pattern 1), Hialeah Police Hat Patch, City of Hialeah Civil Worker, Hialeah School Crossing Guard

Metro-Dade Couty Police (Old / Worn with District Patch, No longer done), Miami-Dade County Police (Current), Miami-Dade Coutny Police Badge Patch, Town of Miami Lakes (Miami-Dade County Police is contracted to be their police)

Sunny Isles Beach Police, Sunny Isles Beach Police Polo Shirt, Sunny Isles Beach Police SWAT Badge Patch, North Miami Beach Police (Old), Federal National Park Service

Department of Defense Police, Department of Defense Police Badge Patch, Federal Resevre Bank of Atlanta - Miami Branch, Department of Homeland Security - Transprotation Security Administration

Miami Beach Police, Miami Beach Police Parking Detail, Miami Beach Police Badge Patch, Miami Beach Fire Department

New Yory City Police, New Yory City Police Mounted Patrol, New Yory City Fire Department, Homestead Police (That's my department)

Florida Para-Medic (Generic), Emergency Medical Care - First Responder (Generic), Florida Emergency Medical Technician (Generic), Coral Gables Police

Bay Horbor Islands Police, Aventura Police, South Bay Police (Department No Longer Exists), Key Biscayne Police

Hialeah Gardens Police, Valdez Police (State of Arkansas), Florida Highway Patrol, Florida Highway Patrol Badge Patch, Generic Florida Police Patch

Miami Shores Police, Miami Shore Police Badge Patch, City of Miami Police, Virginia Gardens Police, Virginia Gardens Police Badge Patch

Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Florida Department of Law Enforcement Badge Patch, Florida Department of Law Enforcement Hat Patch, Florida Department of Law Enforcement BDU Patch

Sweetwater police (Old Pattern 1), Sweetwater police (Old Pattern 2), Sweetwater police (Current), Miami Springs Police

North Bay Village Police (Current), North Bay Village Police (Old), West Miami Police (Department no longer exists), National Narcotics Border Interdiction System (Federal/State Task Force)

New Brunswick Police (State of New Jesery), Florida East CoastRailway Police (Oldest Police in Florida), Hallandale Police (Old), Surfside Police, South East Florida Police Academy (Pattern 1 / My Police Academy), South East Florida Police Academy (Pattern 2 / My Police Academy), South East Florida Police Academy (Pattern 3 / My Police Academy), U.S. Customs 200th Anniversary Duty Patch (Department no longer exists), Generic Motorcycle Patrol, Generic Traffic Homicide, Generic Bike Patrol Patch, Generic Police Patch

Civil Air Patrol - Florida Wing - U.S. Air Force Auxiliary (Current), Civil Air Patrol - Florida Wing - U.S. Air Force Auxiliary (Old Pattern 2), Civil Air Patrol - Florida Wing - U.S. Air Force Auxiliary (Old Pattern 3), U.S. Flag Patch (Military)

U.S. Flag Patch (Police), German Armed Forces Command (German Army Unit Based at Fort Bragg, U.S.A.) San Francisco Polica (Venezuela)

Chacao Polica SWAT (Venezuela), Alcaldia Chacao Polica (Venezuela)

Originally Posted by 5.56X45mm
I got four new patches for my collection.

Start from Upper right going leftward.
1) Indian Creek Village PD
2) Hialeah gardens PD (New Design)
3) Miami Dade County School Police (New Design)
4) Miami Dade County School Police (Old Design)
January 26th, 2006  
pretty niiiice

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