Over/Under Rated: Patton, Montgomery, Rommel - Page 2

September 20th, 2014  
Tetvet--"Seems like we left out MacArthur pompous he was , his greatness came during the Korean War With his Inchon landings . Monty had the slows as seen in his action to take Caen , Patton was full of shit and should have been sent home , Ike was all politics ."

Patton was full of shit? Bet the troops in the battle of the bulge didn't think so. He was the best General in the war.
Ike's job was to run the war, he did an exemplary job of it with many tough decisions.

Montgomery?- Well he was the best the English had. I am still not sure about him. The fact that Eisenhower wanted to replace him says a lot.

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