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October 8th, 2005  
Originally Posted by C/sergeant_henderson
Oh well. What language would we be speaking if the Armed Forces hadnt existed during the time of the American Revolution, or other wars that the US has been in? If the military didnt exist, people wouldnt be typing drafts of opposing JROTC because there wouldnt be any JROTC. Many Americans neglect the simple freedom of being able to buy a different type of computer, or being able to type on a website about the military, or being able to live your own life without the government deciding every aspect of it. When the Russians and Chinese came to America for the Olympics in 2002, they were shocked to find that the U.S had more than one brand of shoe and more than one brand of clothing. They said that back in their home country, they couldnt even find a different color of the same type of shoe. Thats how lucky we Americans are. The fact that we have a freedom of choice is huge...but we just take advantage of this freedom..To those who oppose JROTC, I say move to China.

Now find the maker of the "no jrotc" artical and tell them that!