Operation Mezerg Shams

September 18th, 2014  

Topic: Operation Mezerg Shams

this operation occurred in Mezerg Shams village in kasserine state ( province )
in wish Tunisian army SF ( GFS ) and national guard special Unit ( USGN ) eliminated 2 of al qaeda of islamic maghreb leaders
Video after the OP
September 24th, 2014  
Nice work, as the saying goes when dealing with killing Al Qaeda the more the merrier.

Going off topic though Kasserine Province I assume is home to Kasserine pass where Rommels Afrika Korps couldn't help itself and kicked the crap out of the allies one last time?
I have always wanted to see the Bardo Museum (I have a thing for Roman mosaics) but next will be Spain and Morocco (to see Volubilis).
September 24th, 2014  
Although the video is not in English it certainly catches the spirit of the conflict between the Tunisian armed forces and the terrorists. I wish you and the Tunisian army many more successes against these murderers!

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