"The one that got away" - Page 2

May 20th, 2010  
Mark, your dad... HE'S THE MAN!!!
May 29th, 2010  
Korean Seaboy
I want to meet your old man.....
September 18th, 2010  
Mark Conley
well...he could get scary indeed...but that was back during the dark ages of the Air Force...i have been out for almost 8 years now myself. I hardly know whats really going on with an institution i was associated with for 20 years...but i am darn glad he served, and i am very glad for everyone who ever gave that much for ones country.

BTW...at least the women officers look prettier...and i can legally go after one now (its all them medals..gets em every time).
August 17th, 2019  
mark s conley
To those that read this story: It finally had an ending on 23 March 2019. My father, TSgt William L.Conley Sr, finally caught up with his airman. Of course, the fight he put up with the 3 paramedics that came to the house at three in the morning was epic. I hope that where ever God sends the Old Line Chiefs till they are needed again lets him have a chance to read this story, as I never told him I did this.

mark S Conley 16 August 2019
August 18th, 2019  
It is amazing how times and attitudes change, great story.

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