Oldest American Military Unit? - Page 4

April 9th, 2010  
On 13 December 1636, the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony had ordered that the Colony's scattered militia companies be organized into North, South and East Regiments. Thus making the National Guard the oldest branch of the US Military.

However the US Army rangers have much earlier roots than most people realize.

During the revolutionary war, General George Washington ordered Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Knowlton to select an elite group of men for reconnaissance missions. This unit was known as Knowlton's Rangers, and was the first official Ranger unit for the United States, and are considered the historical parent of the modern day Army Rangers.
August 6th, 2012  
the Army National Guard is the oldest component in america it is over 375 years old it born founded in the Massachusetts Bay Colony it's birthdate is December 13, 1636 the oldest Army division happens to be the 28th infantry division of the state of Pennsylvania part of the National Guard the fought most of the Revolutionary War battles with and along side President George Washington himself. In World War 2 they fought a fury of assaults that led the German Army to bestow the Keystone soldiers with the title "Bloody Bucket" Division i am a proud member of that division and am well acquainted with is rich history in America