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You are an Old Soldier if...
January 13th, 2004  

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You are an Old Soldier if...
Thanks Gunner13. Its not that i am a fast typer....I have no life so i spend half the day in forums.....
January 13th, 2004  
OOOH that explains a lot (do you need to get more of a life maybe? - I know that sometimes I sure do!)
January 14th, 2004  

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Hey its not that easy....
You are an Old Soldier if...
February 16th, 2004  
I saw this and thought it was just to good to pass up since a lot of them applyed to when I was in the army. The last REFORGER was my first field experience out of AIT, my first duty was the 141st SIG in Ansbach, and the cold war gave way to the current "new world order" right after I joined. I would like to add you know you are an old soldier if you remember when Harverd Graphics had just replaced the butcher block and know one used power point yet. OK so I was a signal soldier and now I am a computer geek. Have a good day. Hope I brought back some silly old memory from 1989 to 1992 or so for someone out there.

March 9th, 2004  

Topic: brought back some memories!!!!

wow Gunner13...I was reliving my past!!! REFORGER-what a concept! I was in Illesheim at the time, 123rd Maint...I'm enlisted so some of the officer stuff didn't pertain to me plus as a Spec-4, I didn't really care...

How about these?

A Deuce and a half without power steering
You could adjust the governor on your Deuce to haul ass down the Autobahn
Corporals were Gods and SGTs were a higher power
Acting Jacks
Dispostion Forms instead of memos
You could roll the Commander's jeep while out on a joyride and not get a statement of charges---it was a "training accident"
You could smoke at your desk or in any military building
You could have two drinks with your lunch at the NCO club
A must in your load plan for the field was your cooler filled with beer
The bar set up at Graf during field problems..I remember ours was called the Red Lion
An Article 15 was something to be proud of (I am proud of all four of mine)

Thanks for the memories.....
March 15th, 2004  

Topic: Re: brought back some memories!!!!

Originally Posted by athomeinak
as a Spec-4, I didn't really care...
This is redundant! the whole definition of spec-4 is "I don't care."

A Deuce and a half without power steering
An Article 15 was something to be proud of (I am proud of all four of mine)
I had a Deuce and a half with power nothing, we got it from DRMO for free.
And article 15s are still to be admired, it's just that NCO's have forgotten it.
March 23rd, 2004  
Originally Posted by Gunner13
Redleg: Yeah, I do believe you are correct on your assessment (darned if I know how it happened - that guy Sherman 105 can sure post in a fast and furious way - can't he ). So thanks :!:

ckim715: What do you mean "...stupid History major...."? My own dear wife majored in History while earning her commission thru ROTC (and at a Jesuit run university too).

Studying history helps you appreciate how far we have come in the march of civilization and how difficult it has been - not to mention the major role that armed force (and old soldiers) have played in all of it. It is a completely honorable filed of study, unless the dark side of liberal/socialist idiocy seduces you (kind of hard to earn a living in some fields with though).
I'd MUCH rather major in ROTC rather than major in history
May 23rd, 2004  
Who can rember the 2 beer lunch?? 2 cans of fosters
the new tank was the m60a1 rise
the m151 jeep
the new cucv
the first time they drove a hummvee
gettin a brand new track in my case it was a brand new M88
graf gunnery for the 1st time
hohenfels training area
graf weather...wet and cold/hot and dusty
learning to speak german in "head start"
the red light district in frankfurt
camp gates and camp pittman on the border
alerts at 0300 when your 1/2 hung over
apffelkorn booze in germany
June 4th, 2004  
You were a PV2 taking a SQT

You know what an SQT test is

You remember the "Good" cadences and could say any that you wanted

You remember a police call was considered "quality of life"

You remember all branches wearing woodland BDU's

You respected a ranger in his black beret
June 5th, 2004  
lil Lt
Good one.