Okay, this is just wrong...

December 5th, 2006  

Topic: Okay, this is just wrong...

ONE SPRING during training exercises at Fort Riley, Kan., a lieutenant was driving down a muddy back road. He came upon another jeep, stuck in a ditch, with a major standing beside the vehicle. "Is your jeep stuck, major?" the lieutenant asked.

"No, lieutenant," the senior officer replied. "Your jeep is stuck." The lieutenant dutifully turned his jeep over to the major.

--Contributed to "Humor In Uniform" by Maj. Leon R. Mayer (Ret.)

Provided Courtesy of Reader's Digest.
December 5th, 2006  
December 5th, 2006  
I hope he made the smart ass sign for it.
December 5th, 2006  
LOL Nice.
December 5th, 2006  
Team Infidel
"here's your sign"
December 5th, 2006  
I have heard this many times. It never ever gets old. You know the old saying . . RHIP. Rank Has It's Privileges (Pain in the arses.)
December 6th, 2006  
^^What he said^^

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