Odd Number

June 1st, 2005  

Topic: Odd Number

While watching the reruns on CSPAN it was a Genereal in the Army Reserves giving a speech,at Arlington, about why memorial day was important and giving out statistics of different items. However She gave out one odd Statistic that said 1.2 million American Soldiers have lost thier lives. This seemes a little odd,I figured it would be a bit higher especialy when you add in the Civil War. Anyone else know anything about how many have actualy died?
June 2nd, 2005  
The Civil War and World War II are the two highest in terms of loss of life in a war zone, so the number she gave sounds plausible.

It depends on what they are counting.

For combat deaths, killed in action and died of wounds, her number seems way too high.
June 2nd, 2005  
Hmmm, I meen look in the Civil war they died by then thousands....it just seems odd I guess.
June 2nd, 2005  
per a website:

Revolution - 4,435
1812 - 2,260
Mexican - 13,283
Civil - 364,511
Spanish - 2,446
WWI - 116,516
WWII - 405,399
Korean - 36,574
Nam - 58,200
PG - 382
Afghan - 187
Iraq - 1,658