OCS Failure

November 9th, 2004  

Topic: OCS Failure

As far as OCS for the Marines, does anyone know what the approximate failure rate is?? I mean I realize that some people might get injured and not be able to continue or just get there and realize this is not what they want to do with their lives, but how many people go to OCS in great shape and with a determined attitude but just simply can't cut it for one reason or another?? I have heard as high as 30% but this sounds too high.

Also, as for the USMC, what is the biggest disadvantage that officer candidates face if they are coming straight out of the civilian college world as opposed to those who come from the academies or enlisted ranks. I feel I am in great shape and have a strong will, but I'm afraid that eveyone else in OCS will be way ahead of me. Any infomation from Marines who have been to OCS would be appreciated.