O.J. Simpson Suspect in Armed Robbery

September 15th, 2007  
Team Infidel

Topic: O.J. Simpson Suspect in Armed Robbery

O.J. Simpson Suspect in Armed Robbery
LAS VEGAS (AP) -O.J. Simpson says he went into a casino hotel room only to retrieve memorabilia that he felt was stolen from him. But police are investigating it as an armed robbery and named the fallen football star as a suspect Friday in yet...
September 15th, 2007  
if he was in prison for the first crime he committed....this never would've happened.
September 15th, 2007  
Chief Bones

Topic: Armed robbery - pure and simple .......

This shows pretty conclusively that OJ believes that he is above the law and a law unto himself.

If you or I believed someone had our stolen property, we would have gone to the police and had them retrieve it ... that would have been the lawful and legal way ... but did OJ do that? Not so you would notice, he resorted to entering someone's hotel room with a gun in his hand ... that makes it armed robbery pure and simple. Guess his demons are telling him he can get away with anything (not just the murder of two people).

It remains to be seen whether the law applies to the OJ Simpsons of the world (or in this case, OJ Simpson). The court is out on this one.
September 15th, 2007  
His luck wont last forever, and hes too arrogant to be smart and lay low. He thinks because he beat a double murder rap and has successfully played shell games with his money (to avoid paying the wrongful death judgement against him), sooner or later his smug arrogance will make a mistake that will send him to jail where he belongs.

Message to 'the Juice' - It was because of the worst prosecution team ever assembled and a judge totally concerned with his own image than justice that you got off. Furthermore your hot-shot, race-card playing, lawyer is now dead. I am sure there is a young DA or assistant DA who would just love the career-making opportunity to throw your ass in jail.

Just keep pushing the envolope of the law to test this. Lets just hope its before he kills someone again.

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