January 8th, 2005  

Topic: NROTC

When in NROTC, do you do any training during school, or is it all strictly summer training?
Also, I'm thinking about going to a the NROTC college in Oregon, Oregon State Univ ( OSU ). That college does not have Criminal Justice or Law Enforcement though, but Western Oregon University ( WOU ), which is 20 miles away, does have that. Does anyone know how and if I could go to WOU for my law enforcement classes, and to OSU for the classes for NROTC-Marine Option?
I think I would just have to do the Law Enforcement classes on different days than the days I have classes for the NROTC minor, in interestes of rushin' around,etc. Right?
Also, you have to get a minor in naval science correct?
And, about the scholarship money, do they give you the money directly or give it to the college? Also, you get it when you get accepted for NROTC, they come together, right?
Thanks for any and all help.