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Non military but fun.
July 7th, 2004  
Non military but fun.
It was early morning at the military base, and the first sergeant was calling out names for the daily work parties listed on a piece of paper:

"Ames" "Here!" "Jenson" "Here!" "Jones" "Here!" "Magersky" "Here!" "Seeback"

No answer.


No answer was heard again.

"SEEBACK!!!" The troops remained totally silent.

At that point, someone whispered into the first sergeant's ear. He looked again at what the last name really said, quickly turned over the list and continued calling the names printed on the other side.
July 7th, 2004  
that's a really good one
July 8th, 2004  
Italian Guy
I like all of these!!
Non military but fun.
April 4th, 2007  
Team Infidel
great jokes folks...