September 30th, 2008  
A Can of Man

Topic: Nintendo

Man I really like my Nintendo DS. I like playing the games that have puzzles and stuff because I can play them while doing physical therapy for my knees and stuff.
I heard elsewhere that Nintendo Wii are used by some soldiers to recover from wounds because the controllers make them move their arms around etc. so it helps them break out of months of having limbs in plaster casts.
Anyone else have one of these fine machines? I don't have a Wii though... what I really would like is a indoor shooting alley with the Wii with an actual gun that works.
October 2nd, 2008  
major liability
I have a GameCube and a Game Boy Advance, never got into this generation. I love the GBA games, I hope that just because we have better technology they don't stop making 2D games. A lot of them have excellent gameplay and are really memorable.
October 2nd, 2008  
A Can of Man
That is true.
Though because I played flight sims when I was a teenager I guess I've always been more of a 3d person.
Puzzle games were nice for a change. Nintendo really took a risk doing that... going with a family computer game platform. Glad it worked out.
October 2nd, 2008  
Yes, Nintendo has always followed well planned product strategies and Wii is indeed a great success, even against such powerful competitors like X-Box and PlayStation.

I have a PS2 that I bought years ago just to play Tekken; an old high school years obsession.

October 15th, 2008  
Get an eyetoy for the PS2, that and a game like Dance Dance Revoloution for the PS2 for your legs. Also try going to an arcade and playing like house of the dead or something similar.

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