Nine arrested in "plot to kidnap" UK serviceman

January 31st, 2007  

Topic: Nine arrested in "plot to kidnap" UK serviceman

A ninth person has been arrested in Birmingham [UK] over what senior security sources say was an alleged plot to kidnap a member of the armed forces.

Police made the arrest this afternoon on a motorway in the city area. Eight men were arrested earlier following a series of morning raids.
Police said their investigation may take "days, if not weeks".

Security sources said a terror plot not aimed at mass casualties would mark "a different approach" to UK terrorism.

A total of 12 addresses in the Sparkhill, Washwood Heath, Kingstanding and Edgbaston areas have been sealed off and are being searched following raids at about 0400 GMT, say police.

Eight men were arrested at separate addresses and are being held at a West Midlands police station.
January 31st, 2007  
Scuttlebut reported on the radio news suggests that there was an intention to kidnap a Muslim British soldier here in Britain, and film his murder for circulation on the Internet.

Plainly, it is wise to maintain good personal security if you are in the service, given this kind of threat.
January 31st, 2007  
It is sad that anonymity for Military Personnel is now a very precious commodity which must be safeguarded.
February 1st, 2007  
this is weird... whats going on in UK?
February 2nd, 2007  
Originally Posted by phoenix80
this is weird... whats going on in UK?
Well there is starting to be a real separation between Muslim youth and the rest of society. This has bad effects for the majority population, in terms of crime and radicalism appearing on the streets, but also bad effects for the youth themselves, in terms of employment prospects and education.

Its very worrying.
February 2nd, 2007  
Follow up story from today's Times:

Terror hitlist named 25 Muslim soldiers

Daniel McGrory, Russell Jenkins and Steve Bird
Accuracy of addresses alarms defence chiefs
Inquiry launched to find possible MoD mole

Defence chiefs have launched an urgent investigation into how a gang of suspected Islamic terrorists obtained a list of names and addresses for 25 serving British Muslim soldiers as part of an alleged plot to kidnap and behead a serviceman. Senior officers are alarmed that the hitlist includes home addresses as far apart as Glasgow and the West Country. A priority will be to ensure that no Ministry of Defence “mole” provided the suspected terror cell with such top-secret personal information.

All those on the hitlist are understood to be serving members of the regular Army. The main targets identified by the gang are understood to have served a recent tour of duty in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Police in the West Midlands were given seven more days last night to hold nine men arrested in Birmingham on Wednesday. They are being held in connection with a suspected plan to abduct and murder a serving soldier whose execution would be broadcast on the internet.,00.html

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