The Night we nicked a Land Rover

August 29th, 2009  

Topic: The Night we nicked a Land Rover

One evening in Germany after getting our vehicles ready for the coming exercise, a group of us decided to go to the local village for a few beers. We managed to get the keys of a Land Rover, but if we went out of the main gate we had to book out with the reason why we were going off base. Going for a beer is not reason enough. It was decided to drive out through the training area full of huge ruts left by tank tracks and such, then finally finding a gate out onto the road.

Parking the vehicle out of sight in the pub car park, we walked into the pub and ordered the beers. At 2am the pub owner finally managed to throw us out, then climbing in the Land Rover made our way back, but couldn't find the gate we left the training area a few hours before. Another gate was found and drove into the training area, missing the deep ruts until one bloke turned the headlights off because he thought it was a good idea as we wouldn't be seen. In complete darkness the Land Rover nosed dived into an enormous rut then became well and truly stuck, no amount of pushing or rocking would free it.

It was decided to leave the Land Rover where it was and deny all knowledge of it. Stumbling around in the dark we finally made it to the accommodation.

Next morning on parade the Commanding Officer was in a hell of a bad mood, ranting and raving about leaving Land Rovers stuck on the training area, saying “Not that I mind blokes going for a few beers, BUT I get annoyed when one of my vehicles almost gets run over by a bloody tank!!! All the while looking in our direction, saying “I have a very good idea who it was who took the Land Rover, IF I find out who took it, they can expect extra guard and other duties.!!” One of my mates muttered “Oh sh!te he knows it was us”

When the parade was dismissed the CO came over to our group then raising an eyebrow asked, “Good time last night lads?”
August 29th, 2009  
A Can of Man
hehehe that's a funny story.
August 30th, 2009  
Hahaha. Busted.
August 30th, 2009  
September 1st, 2009  
good thing the tank didnt run over it when you guys were still in it
September 2nd, 2009  
Originally Posted by Mikefrombelgium
good thing the tank didnt run over it when you guys were still in it
Even in the state we were in, we would have noticed a 60 ton tank bearing down on us and bailed out well before then lol.

Thankfully the Land Rover wasnt run over, the tank crew spotted it in time, otherwise we would have really been in the crap.
May 15th, 2010  

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