NIGHT DROP- The American Airborne Invasion of Normandy

February 6th, 2005  
Young Winston

Topic: NIGHT DROP- The American Airborne Invasion of Normandy

This book was written (1962) by the S.L.A. Marshall who was the assigned combat historian for the operation.

A very interesting and matter of fact book (from the American side) of the 82nd and 101st airborne operations behind Utah beach on the Contentin Peninsula.

Marshall has put together a complex story of men fighting in the hedgerow country from the soldiers point of view. From private rank right up to the commanders.

He shows the bravery, skill, fear, failures and successes of the operation.

The German forces are not always well defined and remain rather shadowy at times since Marshall is writing it from the US perspective.

I never realised how scattered the airborne forces were. Some soldiers never had a chance, particularly in the marsh country on the Merderet. The pre-planning for the drop zones was a disaster in some instances.

Marshall's description of the Carentan Causeway battle is just unforgettable. . I would like to see the "Band of Brothers" episode on Carentan again to check on its accuracy.
April 14th, 2005  
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