Nigeria military says it kills 300 Islamists as neighbors join fight

February 18th, 2015  
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Topic: Nigeria military says it kills 300 Islamists as neighbors join fight

By Bate Felix and Lanre Ola MAROUA, Cameroon/MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (Reuters) - Nigerian forces have killed more than 300 Boko Haram fighters during an operation to recapture 11 towns and villages since the start of the week, the military said on Wednesday, as its war increasingly sucked in neighbors Cameroon, Chad and Niger. The latest fighting comes as the tide has appeared to turn against Boko Haram, with neighboring countries plagued by cross border attacks weighing in against the insurgents. Amid growing global concern, Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Benin are preparing a 8,700-strong force to fight the Islamists. Cameroonian forces supported by Chad's air force carried out air strikes and used heavy artillery against Boko Haram in the village of Gourgouroon, on the Nigeria-Cameroon border, Cameroon army spokesman Colonel Didier Badjeck said.

February 18th, 2015  
If and when the African nations get their act together, they could easily pummel Boko Harem into the earth. African soldiers are certainly brave enough and capable, they just need the right leadership and weapons to do it.
Get all the tribes onboard by doing an extensive hearts and minds op at the same time and I'm sure victory would be there for the taking, even if it means going into the countries that shelter them.
As I have said elsewhere, a firm stance and massive response along the isreial I route of retaliation would do the job.
However I write this in the knowledge that I would never have to get dirty boots ever again
February 19th, 2015  
The problem here is that you are dealing with a continent that is corrupt from top to bottom, no matter what you do it will never be enough and it will never solve Africa's problems.

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