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August 19th, 2005  
Mazza comes out every now and again dont know I got it. Usually ppl call me sweeney though (surname) very original eh, or Irish.
August 19th, 2005  
hmm, where to start!

Jimbo - my name is Jim / James

Yim - non catalonian spanish friends cannot pronounce the hard "Jay" sound

Skywalker - Apparently in regiment training i completed all tasks set with ease and in combat was lightning fast, "just like a jedi" also I have good upper body strength and was demonstrating the "rings" - gymnastic event. also running across the tops of lockers and climbing trees and general jumping + running + shizat lol

Beyonce - even the guy who gave me this isnt sure why, WO smith - "i thought kelly from destinys child, but noone knows her, so i thought beyonce" (my last name is kelly)

lelly - adaptation on kelly

kelly - self evident

drum / DM - when people can't be bothered to say "Drum Major"

Im sure there are others i've forgotten lol
August 19th, 2005  
My nickname comes from The Cantabrians´(northern Spain). His chieftain Corocotta (“Old Warrior”) presented himself to Augusto to require the reward (250.000 sexterci) that Augusto had put for his head; Augusto paid and let him go free. Antistio advanced into Cantabria and defeated the Cantabrians in a battle in a city, today not found, called Bergidum, Bergida, Uellica o Attica, depending on the classic authors. The survivors took refuge in Vindio mountain in where the Cantabrians said that “the waves of the ocean arrives before to this mountain than the romans´ arms”: romans sieged them and winter and hungry killed the warriors.
August 19th, 2005  
While in the Army I was nicknamed TAB, as many of the lads thought I looked like some else of that name. Well it was a name I could live with after hearing other peoples nick names. Many of the nick names in the British forces come from the persons surname. Murphy is known as Spud, Woods is known as Timber, White will be Chalky, Miller as Dusty and so on.
August 20th, 2005  
i have 3 brothers, so just about anything will work.same for them too. walk into my house, and yell "you retard" and all 4 of us (plus the dog) will come running.......i go by ghost on the internet because of my airsofting skills. iv also used "legoman" as a screenname for IM's because i am addicted to Lego's....... theyr just so fun
August 20th, 2005  
K, Hendies, Nuh-nuh

K, because my first name is Kina

Hendies, because my last name is Henderson

Nuh-Nuh, because my little sister couldn't pronounce Kina, so she just called me Nuh-Nuh and other people caught on.