Nice site...need some info on Navy Pilots and Army Warrants

April 25th, 2005  

Topic: Nice site...need some info on Navy Pilots and Army Warrants

Hey, just looking around, its a nice site, hopefully I'll get some info from pilots in the US Miltary. Anyways I'm a born and raised army brat so don't yank my chain, Anyone here know how the Navy Pilots start training? and how they get selected for it? and what makes them stand out on the selection board? Since I saw C-130 fly over my head at Ft. Bragg I knew I wanted to fly, I just need some help. thanks -Goose
April 25th, 2005  
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April 26th, 2005  
Welcome Goose. Can't help you on the pilot thing since my MOS was anti-aircraft artillery.
April 26th, 2005  
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All I can say is for you to talk to the local USN recruiter and get some information from them.

Alternatively, you could visit the USN website,

And that'll provide you with some information.

Again, welcome to the forums.
April 26th, 2005  
Welcome to the forums Goose..
April 30th, 2005  

Topic: Here you go Goose

Hope this help you..

** Sorry cant help my self...... Whats the difference between a Naval Avaitor and a Jet engine? "Engine quit whinning after shut down"

And its very true.... I know this for fact..