Next US President

Next US President
July 28th, 2004  

Topic: Next US President

Next US President
Hi i dont want to start a flaming topic but im wondering what you all (US Citzs mainly) think about Kerry and Bush! As a brit it doesnt affect me as much as it will you, at the minute i would prefer Kerry to win as Bush seems to of isolated the US from most of the world! Has the war in iraq influenced who you'll vote for or the state of the US economy? Im just curious as we hear about the election campaigns and see in the news about the democratic convention over hear and just wonderin how you all feel about it all! Cheers
July 28th, 2004  

but in the far future one of my couzins will become president of teh USA
July 28th, 2004  
Duty Honor Country

My hat goes off for anyone who can tell me what issues Kerry stands for. If he is elected president, I predict quite a few of his famous flip flops.

As for Iraq, it turned my mom into a Bush hater. She blames him for me being over there. She is one of those people who will vote for Kerry becuase he is not Bush. That reason for voting Kerry is wide spread and stupid. Ignorance of the masses!!!

The democratic convension has a few holes in it. Dean said that Kerry will not reduce combat pay and benefits for soldiers. I do believe I got a $250 a month hostile fire raise in FEB 03 and that raise was back dated through 02. Married soldiers also saw their months seperation pay go from $100 to $250 a month. Don't get me wrong, but I think Bush was president then. Lets not forget the raises the military got under Clinton

1993 3.7%
1994 2.2
1995 2.6
1996 2.4
1997 3.0
1998 2.8
1999 3.6
2000 6.2
2001 4.1
2002 6.9
2003 4.8
2004 4.1


Notice the pay raises that are under Bush's watch are a bit higher!!!!

If you are in the military, Bush is your man. The military may be getting deployed right now, but this is war, not the chill times of the 80's and mid 90's. You signed the contract and got the benefits, now suck it up and serve your country...

Sorry, did not mean to preach

go to for alittle bush/kerry entertainment
Next US President
July 29th, 2004  

i dont think Kerry has what it takes to be president

or in 30yrs from now avckc or so she claims
July 29th, 2004  
Bush all the way. I want someone in command that will not take any crap from terrorists and stand up for what this Country was founded on. If Kerry was President he would have apologized to Bin Laden for doin whatever we did to make him so mad to kill all those people and leave it at that. We need a President that is a Man and a politician not just a politician.
July 29th, 2004  
I'm glad everyone likes bush so far. cause I do TOO! lol. Even tho one of my friends is a Dem. and quite possibly will be a president (just cause he acts like one lol and already has political background and he's not even old enough to drink (lol) ) anyways... but yeah, I like Bush.


can't vote either - being 15 kinda sucks sometimes
July 29th, 2004  

Kerry just flip-flops too much and I don't want a waffle house cook as president.

Unfortunately, I'm only 15, otherwise, I'd vote for Bush this year.

In 4 years, if Kerry's running again, whoever he's against, I'm voting for that person, I cannot stand Kerry.
July 29th, 2004  
Well I like, Damien, cannot vote, but I'm behind Bush 100% and would follow him anywhere if need be. Kerry on the other hand would be so confused if we went to war, cause he'd be wafflin' on that too.

Plus no matter what Kerry says, you cannot make the United States more liked, there will be people who will always hate us and would like to see us fail. About France, well ... I'm sure there are nice French citizens but the majority rules as you know, are not.

I said in a letter to my senator (Burns, MT-R), that I fear for the United States and our military if Kerry is elected.
July 30th, 2004  
Can't vote, only 15, but if I could I'd definitely vote Bush. America needs a strong president...not one who fragged himself to get out of vietnam.
July 30th, 2004  
I guess ill play the devils advocate here. Kerry will help our foreign policy and maybe get us a few friends back we have lost with bush. Bush has pretty much made America target number 1. But i will say my mom serves and she thinks if kerry is elected her and many of her friends could lose their nice paying military jobs. I like Bush for taking charge but he is singling America out from the rest of the world and that isn't good.