A New World Order agenda setting and the coming of "neo-slavery"

January 5th, 2021  

Topic: A New World Order agenda setting and the coming of "neo-slavery"

A must watch! A notable Canadian researcher and a friend of mine pointed out the following:

It is every humanists' duty to educate and protect the integrity and freedoms of humanity.

It is every spiritualists' duty to elevate their fellow man through compassion and revelation.

It is every patriots' duty to stand fast and vigilant ready to defend what it is to be human and their way of life.

The most profitable business since the dawn of man was and always will be slavery. There are a few among us who would sell humanity for power and richness.

We are enslaving ourselves. We don't vote in every election; we vote with our dollar too. This right to vote will be taken from us and thus finalize our eternal enslavement.

Preach, lecture, inform, and discuss. Hard one to one conversations is how we better mankind but do not stand by complacent, this is how the deer are hunted. Don't be willing to accept handouts, this is how the sheep are herded. Do not do things just because you are told and your livelihood stands in the balance of your actions, this is how dogs are trained.

Never trust the general who's only trying to justify their losses; Trust the sergeant who fights, bleeds, and mourns next to you in the trenches.

Catherine Austin Fitts is but a sergeant in the trenches representing her squad. A collective of minds connecting the dots.

They fear the sleeping giant... it is time we wake them up.
This certainly is the "neo-slavery" advanced by such tools as technocracy, psychology, mind-control, surveillance, economy, cryptocurrency, and secrecy by the powerful 1% of the globe, which is part and parcel of the deep state. As Catherine Austin Fitts points out: "WE ARE IN A TRAP - BUT THE DOOR HASNT YET CLOSED". Further, it is rightly so setting a New World Order agenda. Thus, the other 99% of global citizens should soon wake up and smell the coffee.