New to this "world" - Have some questions...need suggestions

June 11th, 2010  

Topic: New to this "world" - Have some questions...need suggestions


Not sure if I'm in the right place, but I stumbled upon your forum and figured what the heck. You all will either chew me up and spit me out, or be understanding and take me under your wing.

So, long story short.....I was raised in a very strict religion (Jehovahs Witnesses) for 37 years of my life. I denounced the religion a year ago and now consider it to be a cult. Anyways.....having grown up under such harsh religious restraint, I do not know a one thing about military,army and such and was hoping I could just talk with some of you good folk here about it in order to gain a bit of understanding.

The Jehovahs Witnesses consider the military to be the personification of the devil himself. me, I know. But because of that, i was never allowed to even so much as own something that was camouflage, let alone read about or learn about the military or our government. Everything was kept from me. Now that I'm free from those bonds, and able to say outloud how appreciative I am of the military, I am starting to slowly recognize how very little I know about our military and our government.

So where do I start? I have no idea. To make matters worse, my little boy has requested that his very first birthday party be a military themed party. Of course he had to pick something I have no clue about. (*BTW - We also were not allowed to celebrate our birthdays, so this is a first for my son and myself.) He'd like to do a "bootcamp" theme. Can anyone give me any ideas of what that entails in the real world?

I have also not yet registered to vote (another thing we were not allowed to do...). So I'm planning on doing that. Are there any pressing military related issues that I should know about that I should be voting on? ? Or is there a place online that I can go to read up about what's coming up for a vote? I know there are countless news websites, but it's difficult to figure out where to start in terms of voting given that I know nothing about our government. I'm just feeling a bit lost on this one and thought that the people that could probably help me most are those that have fought and put their lives on the line for our country.

Any help is appreciated....and if I am out of place here and this is not the right forum for this type of thing, please let me know. Thank you all so much for your time!
June 11th, 2010  
Welcome aboard! There are lots of people here who can help you and answer all of your questions.
June 11th, 2010  
Welcome aboard.
June 11th, 2010  
Team Infidel
June 13th, 2010  
hey, i don't know very much, I am an ARNG wife, but I have read up on alot, and I will help you in what little I can. Just send me a PM or something, and I will try to answer any questions I can (=

I do not get on here often, as my husband is in the process of coming home from Iraq, but Things are stating to calm down, and he is almost here so I should get on more.
June 13th, 2010  
Congratulations on the escape and welcome aboard, as far as birthday parties go maybe this will be of help...

June 14th, 2010  
Cne C
June 14th, 2010  
The forum "military related discussions" would be a good place to start learning about the military..
June 20th, 2010  
May be too late to help with this, but camaflauge . And welcome

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