New Tactics Yield Solid Victory in Gaza - Page 2

March 18th, 2009  
Originally Posted by rock45
The concept of not being a citizen is totally foreign to me. I shouldn't take for granted other countries are like America. I know here there are processes to follow and rules to be carried out but I don't know personally know if it easy or works.

Would other countries in the Gulf be thankful if the Iran's nuclear program could be destroyed without causing chaos in the region? Or would they pay a high price for siding with the Americans in the long run?
It would cause some chaos in the region and is not a thing UAE would advocate.
The goal of UAE and the GCC coalition is to offer a stable non-aggressive Iran a place among the other gulf nations.
A partner to GCC we might say.
Todays Iran might be ruled by hardliners but the wheels are in motion to rein in the country financially and military.

Actually the pursuit of nuclear weapons is a double-edged sword in that if it fails to give Iran a dominance in the region, a dominance that they must try to exploit financially to avoid internal chaos given the state of their economy the hardliners will be discredited and might give way to the technocrats/military..and we can deal with them because they will look for solid gains.

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