New Pvt here

August 11th, 2004  

Topic: New Pvt here

Hi all, another crash victim

I am a PVT with the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. I am 17 and with the 628th Military Intelligence Battalion, which is stationed in Harrisburg, Pa. I am hoping, after I am done with the military, to go into the CIA as a military or political analyst.

*Thanks Airborne
August 11th, 2004  
Airborne Eagle
I advise dropping your name from your post.

Some nutcases on the Internet.
August 11th, 2004  
Good catch Airborne..

Welcome (again...)
August 11th, 2004  
Keist IV
Alright, I am not the only crash casualty reborn. Welcome aboard again.
August 11th, 2004  
Y'ello! Welcome to the good ol' war forum!

I see you wanna join the CIA! Which of course is good, but didn't Bush just announce a new Director/CEO for the CIA?

Read it in the paper while taking the train.
August 11th, 2004  
welcome to the forum again...again 8)
August 13th, 2004  
August 13th, 2004  
Greetings and Salutations!
August 16th, 2004  
HI!! *waves*
August 16th, 2004