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November 13th, 2005  
3 weapons = Terrible idea

That is 2 more weapons than you need.
It just means;
3 Lots of different ammo
3 Cleaning kits
etc etc etc

You should have a basic weapon for each member of a section. A side arm if you are so inclined, and at most the section weapons shared out (like the LAW and claymores).

No need to give each person 3 individual weapons. It's not a computer game, it's the real world.
November 27th, 2005  
PVT archer
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3 weapons is not a good idea in my book , the M16 is a great happy medium weapon effective up to 800 meters , if you want heavy covering fire and support , the SAW gun , ( basicly a fully auto M16 ) shoots the same caliber of ammunition as the M16 , and you also have the M203 & M203A1 40mm grenade luanchers , sometimes an imfantryman's best friend when he can't charge in for getting chewed up by an AK-47 , thenpreffered weapon of your current enemy . The M9 is also an option , a great side arm also , you shouldn't have to pick up ammo off an enemy , you should already have the support and ammunition coming to you , the infantry troops ....

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March 31st, 2006  
Originally Posted by bushpig1998
While the P90 would fit the bill nicely, it is too heavy and uses a non standard round.
Too heavy? Are you kidding me?
April 1st, 2006  
This is where the Bullpup design comes into it's own, it gives you compact weapon with range and hitting power.

Bushmaster M-17s (USA)

Caliber: 5.56 mm (.223 Rem.)
Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt
Overall length: 760mm
Barrel length: 546mm
Weight (w/o mag): 3.72 kg
Maximum Effective Range: 600 meters
Magazine - Accepts all M16/AR15 magazines
April 3rd, 2006  
Nice gun!
April 3rd, 2006  
Personally for a light medium/long range weapon, i would go for some kind of G36 varient, preferebly the G36C for more medium range. The FN-P90 is one of my personal favorite guns, great for medium to short range. I can see 2 guns, say a long range then a shorter range SMG type weapon, but 3 is way too many to lug around.

PS. My avatar is a picture of a G36C
April 3rd, 2006  
WEll, I like the HK416!
April 4th, 2006  
There's nothing wrong with the current M16A4 family of weapons. They will fire every time if fed the right ammo and properly maintained. They are modular, relatively inexpensive, accurate, and reliable (a function of the user).

The ballistic testing I have read indicates that the 5.7mm round remains intact and yaws base forward after a few inches of tissue and continues on a single small track. The .45ACP FMJ round disrupts a far wider permanent wound cavity than the 5.7, the .45 hollow points do even better.

In my opinion, the P90 might be an adequate weapon for pilots in lieu of the MP5 PDW, especially if it came in a more effective caliber or with a better bullet. I do not see it working as a replacement for the M-4 for most support soldiers. It also has very little real estate for mounting any additional hardware, like a light, laser, etc.

The HK 416 is pretty sweet, too. Some buddies of mine (SF) picked up the FN SCAR-L the other day and said it had terrible ergonomics, but they didn't fire it.
April 5th, 2006  
major liability
If I were going to issue an army their PDWs, I'd simply give the riflemen and grenadiers TAR-21 rifles and give the support troops CTAR-21s or MTAR-21s depending on how much danger they'll be in. MTAR-21 is a VERY small assault rifle.
April 6th, 2006  
Wel, I wuld issue them the HK416 and HK417.