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January 24th, 2005  
rsm cscotr

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I am a new member who has finally figured out how to log on. I am the Regimental Sergeant Major for The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary's). That is a primary land reserve unit (infantry) from Victoria, British Columbia. I am a Chief Warrant Officer who has served with the CScotR since 1973. I have been on two United Nations tours, one to Ismailia Egypt (UNEF-1975) and one to the Golan Heights (UNDOF-1976). We continue to train soldiers for Domestic operations and to augment the regular force in overseas operations.

I have not had an opportunity to share in the forum but I am impressed by the "Military Quotes" section.

January 24th, 2005  
Welcome to the Forums.

Good to see that you were able to log in at last..
January 24th, 2005  
Charge 7
Welcome to the forums! You'll find many Canadians here already but I believe you may be the most senior. Will be good to hear your observations from your long service. I was aware that Regimental Sergeant Majors are Chief Warrent Officers but I don't know the proper form of address. I would guess it would be "Sergeant Major"? In the US Chief Warrents and Sergeant Majors are of course seperate ranks. Sergeant Majors are addressed as just that and Chief Warrents are called "sir" by subordinates and "mister" by superiors. They can be called "Chief" by either. Most Chief Warrents I knew prefered being called "Chief".
January 24th, 2005  
Welcome to the Forums, RSM.
January 24th, 2005  
rotc boy
welcome to the forums 8)
January 24th, 2005  
I know a few of your recruits RSM; one was top canidate from my course in Chilliwak. Pleasure to see you on the forums sir.
January 24th, 2005  
January 24th, 2005  
Welcome aboard!
January 25th, 2005  
Welcome, Chief. Glad to have you with us.