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June 18th, 2004  

Topic: New Here

Hi Ya'll,
Just signed up to these here forums.

Little bit about myself. I am a USAF dependant, my dad is active duty and is a flight engineer on the MH-53J Pavelow helicopter. I am enlisting in the not too distint future for a career as a SERE Instructor. I had intended to go for Pararescue but my vision isnt even waiverable, but is correctable to 20/20. So I have opted for SERE and will then have the PRK laser eye surgery and then cross train into PJ's.

thats about it.
June 18th, 2004  
Welcome to uour community,have fun andenjoy!
June 18th, 2004  
Welcome to the Forums. Good luck with SERE.
June 18th, 2004  
Welcome to the forum and good luck
June 18th, 2004  
C/2nd Lt Robot
Welcome to our little community Can i see your passport?
June 18th, 2004  
Welcome to the forum, Qwerty, good luck with your future military career.
June 18th, 2004  
Welcome Qwertyuiop (former "QwertyYuiop")

I have changed your username now, so please use the new one when you log on again.
June 21st, 2004  
Italian Guy
Welcome Qwertyuiop, thanks for easy nickname.

PJ's uh ? So how long would it be till you get to get there ?
June 23rd, 2004  
Welcome to the forum
June 23rd, 2004  
Welcome! 8)