New Book - AMONGST THE MARINES by Steven Preece

October 21st, 2004  

Topic: New Book - AMONGST THE MARINES by Steven Preece

Guys, I've just read an excellent book called AMONGST THE MARINES by a guy called Steven Preece. I got it from in good old Oz. I've been following this after its release in the UK. It appears that the old boy network condone it and the majority of people who served with him or around his time love it. These are a couple of comments that were written:

Regarding quotes of bullying and cries of "not in my Corps" and "no, it never happened" when I joined in the mid eighties (Not RM, I'm of the maroon persuasion), bullying was rife and beatings and kickings for even slight misdemeanours were commonplace. I can remember it clearly as I was on receiving end a few times. Thank god it's been all but eliminated nowadays but it DID happen back then and was more commonplace than most of you care to remember.

and this one:

I knew the author at HMS Warrior. The instance's that took place are true.
He may have put in urban myth's ie; pace stick incident but it is a book,
and this makes good reading. The fights, drinking contests and shit bits all
happened. The author, was a good marine very capable in his job, and someone
I would want in my section, when the shit hit the fan. I left 45 for a JCC
immediately after serving on op corporate. At my time of joining 45,
beasting's of new marines straight out of training was common, much the same
as my initiation into 41 cdo as a young 17 year old. This is a worrying time
for a sprog after the high of finishing training, but was part of the
character building that many of us underwent. I find it strange that many
people on this forum find this unusual, maybe a lot of members here are
national service men. Did you go to a unit together, after finishing
training and stay together? If you did, that may explain why these
instance's did not happen. Who didn't enjoy a fight with the matlos when
ever possible or a good grunge contest? The author's book is a condensed
series of run's ashore, that happened over a 7 year period, how about all
the unmentioned run's ashore that were peaceful. If the exbootneck that
live's in Truro doesn't believe this book, or the author's authenticity I
will be happy to visit him on my way to Falmouth to prove that it is true,
and the author is a bootneck. I enjoyed this book as it brought back
memories of youth, good times with little pressures of life, just a sense of

I personally related it to a lot of my experiences during my service and thoroughly enjoyed it. WHAT DO YOU THINK!
October 22nd, 2004  

Topic: AMONGST THE MARINES by Steven Preece

I've also just found this book on in Canada.
Its different, yet true to what really goes on in the military.
October 22nd, 2004  
Did you write that book???
October 23rd, 2004  
No. But I read it and enjoyed it. I think its only once in a while when a book like this comes a long. I am interested to know if anybody else has read it and what they think.
October 23rd, 2004  
I've read this book. I got it from randomhouse. The synopsis is as follows:

Amongst the Marines is Steven Preece's first-hand account of life as an elite Royal Marine Commando. He delivers a direct and unflinching depiction of the excessive and often shocking lifestyle of the Marines and explains the impact this had on his own personality and behaviour. Preece fulfilled his childhood ambition by earning the coveted Green Beret from the Commando Training Centre at Lympstone when he was 18. He was unaware at that time of the brutal rite of passage that awaited him and all the other 'pieces of skin' (new recruits) at his first Marine commando unit. Violence in the Marines, as Steven discovered, was not limited to the battlefield but a continual part of a pervasive culture of bullying and aggression. It did not take long for Preece to be accepted into this culture and to adopt it as his own. His personality changed beyond recognition - from friendly and approachable to hard and unforgiving - as he embraced the customs and values of the 45 Commando Unit. On duty he was fit, committed and loyal, while off duty he displayed a mammoth capacity for drinking, fighting and, when the drink had run out, womanising. On home leave, Steven found it increasingly hard to adapt to civilian life. His drinking sessions in local pubs frequently ended in fights with the locals and even in violence against members of his own family. Preece earned a reputation amongst his fellow Marines for pranks and dangerous behaviour, and his eagerness to accept any challenges from other commandos eventually led him to be court-martialled. True to form, however, Preece was finally acquitted by the court. 'Amongst the Marines' is an intimate expose of the culture of the Marines, from foul practical jokes and rough justice to the off-duty orgies of drink, sex and violence. It is a no-hold-barred account of the many shocking incidents Preece witnessed and participated in, from his first day as a new recruit to his exit from the Marines with his reputation intact and his scores settled once and for all.

Being totally honest I got the book and read it in two days because I couldn't put it down. I found it to be violent, disgusting and at times quite humerous. It is a good story with a feeling of a sadness in this guys life of violence. All in all, it has all the hallmarks of a very good personal story.


"Always A Marine" has just been released in the UK and is another excellent warts and all book by this author. Preece leaves the marines but still has the serviceman frame of mind. It took him 13 years to move on with his life. A good sequal to "Amongst The Marines" I would say.

I'm gonna try McNab's new book next.

Try this link its good for all kinds of books:

I copied this link to an article on the author Steven Preece. Pretty cool I thought:

October 22nd, 2005  
i haven't seen it in shops but will keep an eye out for it

the first one was very good, definently "no holds barred" but bit about eating the was off, i wouldn't like to meet him when hes drunk
good book, i highly reccommend it
October 27th, 2005  
ill check this book out, also im looking for a book titled Marines but can't find it anywhere?
November 12th, 2005  

Topic: Fabulous

You wanta read the following thread about the Amongst The Marines book. Its been casuing complete mayhem on the marines website in the UK:

There's ten pages of it. Its like a battleground. Some people are trying to deny this stuff went on, others openly admit it did. What do you think?

Read the thread.
January 23rd, 2006  
Originally Posted by Jazzper
On home leave, Steven found it increasingly hard to adapt to civilian life. His drinking sessions in local pubs frequently ended in fights with the locals and even in violence against members of his own family.
They say that like its a bad thing...
February 19th, 2006  
Well guys. Now that I've joined the forum I can answer questions myself.

There was some shocking stuff in there. But that's how it was at that time. I told the story just like it was, warts and all. I guess its the best way.

Steven Preece
Author of Amongst The Marines and Always A Marine