New 2 Army- Easy Ride?

August 19th, 2004  

Topic: New 2 Army- Easy Ride?

Hey, I'm a DEP in Army.I'm going to be a clarinet player and am going to FT. JAckson for Basic on Sept. 7. I hear from lots of people that I have it easy but have had enormous troubles battling the tape. Any advice or tips and just plain well-wishing would be wonderful. Thanks.
August 19th, 2004  
8) GOOD LUCK and ALL THE BEST.. true wishes for you.
August 19th, 2004  
Keist IV

Topic: Welcome.

Welcome aboard Rfender. Wish you well in basic and keep your head up when those others say you got it easy. Don't let others comments control you and get you down. Good luck and Godspeed
August 19th, 2004  
Welcome to the forums, and good luck with your future career..
August 19th, 2004  
Good luck dude!

A friend of mine just went to Norwich (just left today). Anyways... Something school related.. lets see. man, Chemistry is confusing! I have a test tomorrow on the first 3 chapters of the book - which we can write in. how cool is that?
August 19th, 2004  
Welcome to the boards dude 8)
August 20th, 2004  

Anyway, welcome to the forum.
August 21st, 2004  
Welcome to the forums, hope you have fun and good luck with the future!
August 22nd, 2004  
Welcome! and Good luck!!
August 22nd, 2004  
Welcome and have fun playing your clarinet. The only tip I have for the tape is to lose weight.