I need your advice!

November 14th, 2004  

Topic: I need your advice!

I plan on joining the army after a couple of years of nursing school and while my dad supports me, my mom doesn't. I've tried to tell her many times that this is what I want to do, but I suck at telling people how I feel. My mom has always wanted me to go to university, meet a nice man and marry him and become a stay at home mother . So I have a couple of questions: If you were in my position what would you tell her? & Is going through boot camp harder if you don't have the support of everyone back home?

I wasn't really sure where to put this topic, sorry if I put it in the wrong forum.
November 14th, 2004  
You have some time to convinvce her. To all that read this not just Gelinas, at your ages, there is no reason to worry right now. There is plenty of time to prove to thses people that this is what you want to do and you are takin it serious. Most of the time, parents just think it is a phase and try and blow it off. Right now parents do not want their 14, 15 16, even 17 year old thinkin of joinin the military only for the fact of all the stuff goin on now. The military is a scary thing for parents right now. As far as boot goes, it is hard no matter what. With support from home it does help and makes it a little more bearable. letters from home do help, you have to keep yourself in the right frame of mind in order to get through it.
November 14th, 2004  
Thanks. I guess I am getting a little ahead of myself, huh?
November 15th, 2004  
I thought my dad would be a problem, but my recruiter can be pretty convincing, he called my dad and told him that this is what I wanted to do and he could either support me and have an active role in my life in the Army or he would be written off as being "unattainable" on my enlistment papers, since I am only 17, but he agreed to sign the papers. I am just thankful that I have a family who supports me in my decisions and I wish you the best of luck, and remember this, your mom loves you and she is just doing what she thinks if best for you, not trying to ruin your life.
November 17th, 2004  
Tell her, if you're old enough to join the regular force, you're old enough to make your own decisions. Just tell her that. And, if you plan onstaying in short term, you can always apply for university afterwards.
November 22nd, 2004  


It's difficult being a female in today's world. While we know we can achieve anything we want and we have the capacity to do so, we face contradicting pressures from every angle. And though you know what you want to do, you are having a hard time dealing with people that want to bring your dreams down. Unfortunately in this case, one of these people is your mother. Now, it may not be her fault, and she may have her reasons for being how she is and telling you what she does, but you have to trust completely in your ability to make worthwhile decisions about your life and your future. If I can tell you one thing and one thing only that may help you be on your way: YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG WHEN YOU FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. It's tough because you may have to stand up to a lot of people and do a lot of fighting, more so than if you were a guy, but in the end, it will pay off. And while yes, you may make mistakes and fall down along the way, keep that goal clear on the horizon, get back up and keep reaching towards it. I hope this gives you a little bit of strength and insight on dealing with your mother. Be firm but respectful, try to control your emotions when speaking her to her, and trust me, you will gain her respect in the long run when she sees your decision and your efforts pay off.