I need of some Advice, Quite a bit of it (long)

January 12th, 2005  

Topic: I need of some Advice, Quite a bit of it (long)

I have bit of a story, to tell... and it is a very personal.

Two years ago I was leaving High School a had no direction. On top of that I wa feeling a bit restless. after looking at some of my options I turned towards the armed forces, more specifically the navy. One day a recruiter came to my school, we talked for awhile and eventually I agreed to go back to his office, I took the practice ASVAB and did very well. I watching video of boot camp and a went over quite a few things with him.
I liked what they had to offer and decided to go for it.

I know a thing or two about hardship, sometime it can be for you benefit and at others for demise. I've experienced both and I knew that this would be hard, But extreme difficultly was anything new. (For starters I never meet my biological parents and a was it the foster care system until I got adopted and the age 10 into another state.)

And heres where things went sour...

We drove back to my house in order to get permission to get my to enlist. My father responds in the opposite manner than I expected, he flips out and does all he can to prevent the recruiter from signing me up. Eventually I gave up and went to college as he wished. He kept insisting that my vision is to bad to go and basically destroyed an notion that I was able to preform in the service at all. (I do wear glasses and I'm still not sure if I can get past MEPS, but according to my recruiter I could have.) It almost turned into a shouting a match!

(later I found out about his brother and the vietnam war, I do understand his points. He also deems the military for those who can't preform "normally" in society.)

To sum up that experience I have to say it sucked beyond all possible imagination. I managed to finish high School easily but I had no interest college, If you can use your imagination a bit, Consider being forced to go to school. Furthermore Consider having the only you laid out for life shot down quickly.

And all the while I still had the occasional pangs to join up. I kept thinking about it. It seems that in the minds on many the Military carries oppressive overtones, but for me it was learning about my freedom as an adult leaning how to handle my responsiblities.

This past semester is straw that broke the camels back. I Bombed out completely, part of me wants to stick it out so I don't look like coward. but something is telling to rebel and follow my dream. I get 10 letters per week from the college as one negitive event leads to another.

On January 18th I will have the final decision on wether to go back to college or not. I face the appellate on that day. After that something is going to change drastically. I have at least half a dozen solutions and only two I like. So My options are:

1.) I go into the service
2.) I go home and work at a grocery store (seriously).
3.) I continue school.
4.) remain where I live now and find some job to start me off.

and a few more I won't disclose.

It's complicated, confusing, and probably the most convoluted mess I'll ever face. I need suggestions and tactics on how to make this work. I have everything to gain and everything to lose at the same time.
January 12th, 2005  
I have one thing to say about this....

Follow your Heart and what YOU feel you want
to do and right for you! If you DON'T you will always regret it.

Do NOT let Others make this disscion for YOU.
You Have to be the one to Make it.

Follow Your Dreams!!


**Future Marine Corp Mom**
January 12th, 2005  
This is a tough one for a kid to go through. It is always tough when you have a dream and nobody else seems to follow it. The thing is, there is a lot of people out there that face those same problems. A lot of parents have the same thought of the military as your father does. Most parents for kids your age, grew up with Vietnam. Either they were there, or knew somebody that was. You have to follow your dream, your parents obviously will not like it, but this may be something you will have to do. Tell them how you feel, state your case, and just let them know that this is something you feel you have to do. They may not like it now, but will (as all parents do) understand.

Good luck.