Need help w/ military questions

October 27th, 2004  

Topic: Need help w/ military questions

first of all this is my first post, some background info is that I am a 18 year old college student, looking to major in history and follow my college career with one in the marines. anyways I have a few questions for a midterm If you guys could help me out at all it would be great!!

any points you have about how world war one* was a turning point of twentieth century American history.

2nd question

From 1898-1954 the goals and methods of American foreign policy remain essentially the same, no matter who controls the White House of which party controls congress

thanks ahead of time!!

October 27th, 2004  
Question 1:

*First time for the lend lease program
*First time the US took the role of the 'World Police'

I graduated with a history degree, back in 2002. My advice is to go and speak with your professor. I could bascially sit here and answer the questions, but then you'd be missing the point of the test.

In short get yourself to the library and look over your notes.
October 27th, 2004  
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