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August 24th, 2004  

Topic: naval aviator

hi i was just wondering how i go about being a naval aviator i heard the odds are really hard to get in as a fighter pilot.
August 24th, 2004  
Mark Conley
No. It all starts with a college a field thats acceptable for a aviator.

They perfer aeronautical engineers. But they will take any good hard science degree. they arent so hot on the liberal arts, but they have taken one or two.

Theres also a little thing called a height requirement, and uncorrect perfect vision for flying fighters. You must also have good moral character, and absolutely no drug use that eliminates you from flight qualifications.

You have three ways i know of to get to be a aviator:

Entry into the United State Naval Academy, with a follow on to flight training school.

Entry into the college of your choice. you do not need to have NROTC, but it can help, and you can get a little pay from it. after graduating college, you apply to the navy through the officer recruitment channels, making application as an aviator.

Enlistment in the Navy, followed by night school to get a college degree, then applying for a comission and flight training. you must do this rather quickly, because they perfer you to be young as possible to ensure the get the healthiest, freshest person for flight training.

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