NASA trivia, and the space program in general

NASA trivia, and the space program in general
October 7th, 2004  

Topic: NASA trivia, and the space program in general

NASA trivia, and the space program in general
Here is some general trivia about the space program ever since the space race began on Oct 4, 1957. SOme of these questions, will be easy, others, really hard.

1. What was the date of Yuri Gagarin's launch aboard Vostok 1?
2. On Gemini 3, what type of sandwich did John Young smuggle into his space suit?
4. What is third stage of the Saturn V rocket called?
5. How many GPCs (general purpose computers) are there on the space shuttle orbiter?
October 7th, 2004  
1. April 12, 1961.
2. Corned beef sandwich
3. (Missing number )
4. S-IVB
5. Don't know - at least four?
October 7th, 2004  
oops, yea missed #3 there.

New questions:

1. What was the name of L.Gordon Coopers Murcury capsule?
2. Who is the current NASA administrator?
3. What was the name of the organization responsible for the investigation of the STS-107 columbia accident?
4. How many days did the crew of Skylab 3 (Skylab 4) spend in space?
5. What was the purpose of the STS-61 mission in Dec 1993?

Bonus question:
How many GPC's are there on the space shuttle orbiter?
NASA trivia, and the space program in general
October 13th, 2004  
1. Faith 7

2. Sean O'Keefe

3. Columbia Accident Investigation Board

4. 59 days, 11 hours

5. Expedition for service of cosmic telescope Hubble.
October 14th, 2004  
New Questions:

1. What was the significance of the 51-L Challenger mission?
2. How many times has astronaut Jerry Ross been in space?
3. What is will be the purpose of the STS-114 mission when it launches in 2005?
4. What happened on Gemini 8 when they tried to cut loose from the "Atlas Agena" rocket?
5. How far off target was astronaut Scott Carpenter when he splashed down with Aurora 7?
October 14th, 2004  
1. Following the investigation, changes were made to make the space shuttle better & more efficient.
2. Seven times
3. To deliver supplies to the International Space Station. The major focus of the mission will be testing and evaluating new Space Shuttle flight safety (including new inspection and repair techniques).
4. The capsule rotated because of a stuck thruster on the spacecraft (60RPM!)
5. He splashed down 250 miles off target.
October 16th, 2004  
1. Who was the CAPCOM during the decent of the Eagle on to the moon?
2. What were the "fireflies" that John Glenn had described were coming off his Friendship7 Capsule?
3. What was the name of Alexi Leonov's crewmate on Voskhod 2?
4. What is the OPF?
5. What country is the Baikonur Cosmodrome in?

P.S., sleepysweeper, you seem to be keen on this subject as well, feel free to put some questions of your own on here. You don't have to give out milbucks.
October 17th, 2004  
1. Charles Duke
2. Refracted light striking ice flakes from the spacecraft's systems
3. Pavel Belyayev
4. Orbiter Processing Facility
5. Russia

No questions from me - at least not this time
November 25th, 2004  
Not bad, 4/5.

Bonus Question: What country is the Baikonur Cosmodrome in? (Hint: It used to be part of the former USSR)

1. Who is the current expedition crew for the Iinternational Space Station?
2. Which Mucury astronaut died on Oct 4, 2004?
3. What is the purpose of the Sound Surpression System on the launchpad?
4. Why was the Vehicle Assembly Building originally built?
5. Who was the first woman to walk in space?
January 13th, 2005  
Bonus In Kazakhstan.
1.Leroy Chiao and Salizhan Sharipov
2. Gordon Cooper
3.It is to protect the orbiter and its payloads from damage by acoustical energy and rocket exhaust reflected from the flame trench and Mobile Launcher Platform during launch
4. To assemble the Saturn V rockets
5. Russian Colonel-Engineer Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova
For America is Sally Kisten Ride